Privacy Policy of My Readings User

Last updated
June 1 2023


Welcome to My Readings! My Readings is a book management tool developed by Oceancloud Tech LLC. We take your personal information seriously and prioritize your privacy. We utilize encryption technology to safeguard your data and have strict policies in place to manage all information. By using the My Readings app or accessing our services, you agree to the provisions outlined in this policy regarding the collection, use, storage, and sharing of your information. If you disagree with any part of this privacy policy, please cease using our products and services immediately. The key points of this privacy policy are as follows:

I. What information does My Readings collect and how is it used?

1.The information you provide

When registering an account or using our services, you provide personal identity information such as email required for login.

2. The information we obtain during your use of our services:

(1) Device Information: We may receive and record information about the device you use, such as device model and operating system version, based on the permissions you grant us during software installation and/or use. Log Information: We collect software information, such as code logs generated during app operation.

(2) Camera Permissions: When using the scan function, we access your device's camera-related permissions. Denying this permission only affects the scan feature, not other app functions. You can revoke this permission through relevant settings. After revoking authorization, we will no longer collect this information or provide corresponding services mentioned above. However, your cancellation will not impact our processing and storage of information based on your previous authorization, unless you delete your information in compliance with the law.

(3) Non-personal Information: We may collect non-identifying information, such as statistical data generated when using specific services (e.g., daily active events, page access events, page visit duration events, and session events), network monitoring data (e.g., request duration, request and error request numbers), and application crash events. This information helps us improve the services we provide. The type and quantity of information collected depend on how you use our products or services.

3. How do we use your information?

The purpose of collecting personal information is to provide products or services and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and norms. We may use the collected information for the following purposes: Providing, processing, maintaining, improving, and developing our products or services. Identity verification, customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archiving, and backup purposes to ensure product and service security. Internal purposes, such as data analysis, research, and statistical information related to product or service usage, for better improvements. Allowing you to participate in surveys related to our products and services. Other purposes with your consent.

We will not display personalized ads based on sensitive categories like race, religion, sexual orientation, or health status. We will never sell your personal information to any third party under any circumstances. We only use the information obtained within the scope allowed by law. Strict policies are in place to protect your personal information, and we will not disclose or provide it to third parties unless authorized by you or as stipulated in this statement. Additionally, according to relevant laws, regulations, and national standards, we may collect and use your personal information without seeking your authorization in specific circumstances outlined in the policy.

II. How to update, modify, export, and delete your information

In compliance with certain jurisdictions' laws and regulations, you must provide accurate personal information when using our products and services. You are responsible for the authenticity, legality, validity, and completeness of the information you provide. You can manage your personal information, including account registration details.

III. How We Protect Your Personal Information

My Readings App employs technology to ensure the confidentiality of your data during transmission; Provides multiple security features to assist you in protecting the security of your account; Reviews our practices in collecting, storing, and processing information (including physical security measures) to prevent unauthorized access to our systems; All My Readings App developers and others who must access personal information to provide services are required to comply with strict confidentiality obligations.

IV. How we share your personal information

1. Sharing with third-party service providers and business partners

To provide you with the services described in this Privacy Policy, we may share necessary personal information with third-party service providers and business partners. We only share your information for legitimate, necessary, and specific purposes. We require our third-party service providers to fulfill relevant confidentiality obligations and take appropriate security measures. Currently, the types of third-party service providers we access mainly include the following:

(1) Used for third-party authorization services, including third-party account login, sharing relevant content to third-party products, etc.;

(2) Used to optimize product performance, including improving hardware networking capabilities, reducing server costs, etc.;

(3) Used for account security and product reinforcement-related services, including network monitoring, domain name resolution, anti-hijacking, anti-spamming and anti-cheating, encryption and decryption services, etc.

V. Information Storage

1. Location of Information Storage

We will store users' personal information collected on our servers in accordance with laws and regulations.

2. Storage Period for Information

Generally, we will only retain your personal information for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected. For example: Email: If you need to use the My Readings App service, we need to keep your email to ensure you can use the service normally. When you cancel your My Readings account, we will delete the corresponding information; When our product or service ceases operation, we will notify you by email and completely delete your personal information within a reasonable period of time (or export your data and then delete it according to your choice).

VI. Updating of This Policy

We may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes to the Privacy Policy by email or other means through the My Readings app. You can visit the "Me ->About->Privacy" page in the My Readings app to review the latest version of the Privacy Policy. For significant changes, we will provide you with a prominent notice (including for certain services, we may provide notice via email of such changes to the Privacy Policy).

5. Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at This Privacy Policy was last updated and became effective on September 1, 2020.